About Us

With a steady increase in demand for women’s intimates throughout recent years, lingerie companies are using technology in attempt to make the consumers experience more personalized. There have been drastic improvements in the intimate apparel industry such as companies providing ½ cup sizes or padding inserts, however, there still remains a large void that neglects women with asymmetrical breasts. 

With a large percentage of women having breast asymmetry, they are left with two basic options that include leaving one side unsupported or utilizing some sort of padding supplement. 

As a woman with asymmetrical breasts, Heather’s pursuit of finding bras that would fit her body had ultimately led to her just having to “deal with it”.  Finally, Heather decided it was time for a change, so she teamed up with her husband, Christopher, and they began exploring avenues on how they could help address this void. They set out to create the perfect bra!

After years of research, Heather and Christopher developed the solution and founded The Balanced Bra Company. Embracing the fact that individuals are unique, The Balanced Bra Company strives to go above and beyond in order to provide customized intimate wear that fits a woman's unique body perfectly. 

The Balanced Bra Company seeks to fill the specific market gap for women with asymmetrical breasts by providing them the ability to choose individualized cup sizing without sacrificing comfort or style. Our exclusive ability to create the right “fit” will allow women with asymmetrical breasts to overcome sizing issues with our unique bras that are designed with clasps in the front and back so women can buy separate sizes for each breast if needed.

The perfect bra is now available for any woman, especially women with asymmetrical breasts.

The Balanced Bra Company is committed to the perfect fit—a fit that provides beauty and balance.