The Balanced Bra Co.

"Finally a comfortable option for asymmetry! It’s beautiful and well made."

Your shape. your fit.

Our innovative Balanced Bra comes in two pieces so you can customize each cup according to your breast size.

Select your band, your left cup and your right cup. The Balanced Bra connects in the front and back allowing for a custom fit bra.

Even or uneven, you will love the fit.



Custom Fit Bra

Mix or match your right cup and left cup sizes

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The Rachel Rose

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The Morgan Black

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The Rachel Caramel

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The Morgan Rose

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Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

The Balanced Bra Co. is committed to being eco-friendly. Our bras are made from recycled fiber fabrics and our hang tags, shipping materials and cards are recyclable.

Breast Asymmetry

Not many things in life are exactly the same and boobs are no different. Breast asymmetry is very common and affects more than half of all women

Signs of asymmetry

Fill Check: Do both cups fit smoothly against you with no gaps or wrinkles?

Spill Check: Do you fit into both cups without spilling over the top?

Top Test: Put your top on. How do you look? Lumpy on one side? Seamless? Smooth?