The reviews are in and we are thrilled! We know we have a fantastic product -- innovative, unique and beautifully made, but we still blush a little reading your rave reviews about The Balanced Bra collection! 

After years of struggling to find a bra that fit, we decided to make a bra for women with uneven breasts - or breast asymmetry. It took a few years of research and product development before we created the perfect bra, but finally seeing our dream come to life has been intense and rewarding.

We know there are so many women who secretly dread wearing certain clothes because of their breast asymmetry. Please know you are not alone -- and we are here for you. Try a Balanced Bra and feel confident in your clothes. Get dressed without worrying about gaping bra cups or one side of your bra spilling over. With Balanced Bra, you get a custom fit bra based on your cup sizes. Your shape. Your fit. 

THANK YOU for the most amazing fitting bra I have had yet to date in my life. Thank you thank you. I always felt like a freak of nature and so frustrated with bras because I have an A cup and a C I do my best to avoid bras and wear sports bras.
I am so happy with the custom fitting bra.

This bra fits so well, I almost cried with relief. Now both breasts are well supported. 32DD - Left Cup, 32D - Right Cup.

This bra is amazing! The fabric and lace are both so soft and comfy. I love the unique design where you can connect in the front or the back! It helps the bra fit in a more tailored way than any other bra I've been able to find.