Bra Fitting Expert’s Shopping Tips For Women With Asymmetrical Breasts
What do I do if my breasts are asymmetrical? Bra fitting expert Hurray Kimmay shares tips and bra recommendations for ladies with uneven cup sizes during a segment on The Rachael Ray Show.
"If you're one to two cup sizes different on each side, this is a phenomenal solution," says bra fitting expert Kimmay Caldwell about The Balanced Bra Company. 

Hurray Kimmay: The Rachel from The Balanced Bra Company

"This is one of those genius bra innovations that I can’t believe we didn’t think of sooner, and I’m SO thankful the founder of this company took the time to bring her idea to life. With The Balanced Bra Company, you can actually purchase a bra with different bra sizes in each cup. For example, you can buy a 34D on one side, and a 34DD on the other, and the company will put it together to fit your beautiful bust. Hurray!"

The Balanced Bra Company – The Rachel

  • Mix and match cup sizes to support your unique bust! Ideal for asymmetrical busts, and more symmetrical folks can wear this, too!
  • Dual front and back closures are great for those who may have limited mobility Sheer lace overlay on our demi cup provides support and shape with minimal coverage.
  • Soft but supportive flexible underwire, partially molded up, and lace overlay
  • Lightweight lace wings meet at a scooped back neckline
  • Back straps can be worn straight or convert to crisscross
  • Non-toxic dyes and recycled fiber materials make this bra better for you and for the environment
  • Sizes: 32-38 bands, and US A-DD
  • Ironically, this style has the same name as the iconic host (just spelled differently)