The Balanced Bra Difference 

A properly fitting bra not only gives you support and comfort but also confidence and the ability to dress with ease.  I know because for years I struggled to find a bra that fit my asymmetrical breasts. The Balanced Bra Co was founded to address this issue that more than half of all women are facing. We want to help you look and feel your best -- just as you are.

Whether you have asymmetrical breasts or simply desire a better alternative to your current bra, The Balanced Bra Co. provides exquisite, comfortable bras that you customize to achieve the perfect fit. Even or uneven, we promise you will love the fit.


  • Fill Check: Each cup should fit smoothly against you with no gaping.
  • Spill Check: You should fit into each cup without spilling over the top or sides.
  • Make sure the underwire is not touching your breasts.


  • The band provides most of the support and should fit snugly but not tight.
  • You should be wearing your new Balanced Bra on the loosest hook allowing you to move to the next position as the band naturally loosens with wear.
  • The front bra clip should sit flush against your chest.


  • Your straps should fit snugly to your body without falling, digging in, or leaving indentations on your skin.
  • Adjust the straps using the sliders so you can fit two fingers under the straps.

The Balanced Bra Wear Instructions

  1. Secure the right cup and left cup in the back.
  2. Choose to use the optional j hook for a racerback style or not for a traditional strap style.
  3. Put the bra on and clasp together in the front.
  4. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!